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One of the talks I give is about the eight rules for being a successful gardener. Since none of these guidelines concerns soil, watering, planting or fertilizer, they are applicable to most areas of life. One of the rules is to embrace change. Plants are constantly growing, the weather shifts with the seasons and other living things such as insects, animals, and people make their mark. Unfortunately many people approach their gardens with the same thinking as they do when redecorating their living rooms. After installing a couple of chairs, the couch, side tables and paintings the room pretty much stays the same until you decide to renovate.

Gardens are changing from the minute you take a plant out of the pot and put it in the ground. Day to day, season to season, year to year. Which for gardeners is part of the fun because they’ve surrendered to the variations a long time ago. And this is the key, in the garden and in life: relinquishing control and welcoming continual transformation.

Holding on to the fresh, clear colors of July's Hydrangea flowers is futile. Appreciating their transformation into the subtle, multicolored blossoms of fall prolongs the joy we can take in their beauty.

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