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You Can Grow That!

As much as we want to hold on to summer, the seasons march on. As dearly as we’d like to keep this plant constantly flowering or that plant just the size it is right now, they are constantly changing, growing larger, or coming in and out of bloom. If our landscape stayed the same from one month to the next, it wouldn’t be alive. And frankly, why would we want things to remain the same year after year?

Think about the interior of your house. Have you ever changed the items on a side table or the mantle above the fireplace? Remember how that new arrangement or collection catches your eye as you walk through the room? After a month of seeing this new display you’re once again used to the array, and no longer give it a second glance.

We have to put effort into changing our interior surroundings, but our gardens make those alterations for us.

Dear Gardens,
Thanks for constantly growing and transforming so that I don’t fall asleep and miss what’s happening around me.

If the Canna and Coleus in this pot hadn't grown and changed, it wouldn't have caught my eye and made me look at the entry of my house anew.

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