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Even the most assiduous gardener has weeds that need pulling. The most experienced horticulturalist sees plants die. Home landscapers find that areas of their property have gotten away from them and gone wild. Very attentive plant people sometimes feel overwhelmed, distracted, or indifferent about what’s happening in their gardens.

Life. It happens to all of us. Sometimes things go our way and we feel on top of it all. Other times not.

Recently someone on FaceBook commented on a political video I put on my wall. A friend responded that she preferred it when actors stuck to acting and stayed away from politics. My response was to say that that’s like those who tell me to stick to gardening. They are saying “I’m more comfortable when you’re a single-faceted cartoon of a person, not a fully formed, multidimensional human being.”

Well that’s not happening.

We are all complex people who lead complicated lives. Never ever think that others have an easier existence. Never ever feel it might be better if everyone agreed with you one hundred percent of the time. Never ever believe that someone else’s garden is any better or worse than your own; it’s as complex, full, and rich as yours…it’s just different.

Some things messy, some things beautiful. Some growth perfect, some not.

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