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I spent part of my day culling through the images in my photo library. It’s embarrassing to admit how many not-too-horrible but definitely not useable photographs I’ve held onto. Some of it is the same belief that causes my basement to be filled with stuff: this might be useful someday…

The baskets, floral supplies, and craft materials that fill my cellar are much more likely to be used than the slightly out of focus or poorly framed photos I deleted today. Twenty-two gigabytes worth, and I’m only half way through. It’s embarrassing, but I have clearly been hoarding images.

Some of the photographs I’ve come across have spoken to me beyond a simple save or delete decision, however. Once again I’m reminded that there is information everywhere, even in a clutter clearing session.

With Hurricane Sandy roaring in, this day brings a sharp change in the season. In twenty-four hours we’ve moved from mild, autumnal, October weather into the grey skies and bare trees of winter. The garden is suddenly filled with oak leaves and even though we’ve yet to have a killing frost, the transition into winter is undeniable.

After making sure I was prepared for whatever Sandy delivers to the Cape, I sifted through images of summer. Hundreds of shots of beautiful gardens reminded me that to be a gardener means that we’re constantly called to be flexible.

Shots of Oak Bluff houses ornamented for Illumination remind me not to hold back when it comes to color and celebration. And perhaps I should use some of those craft supplies squirreled away in the basement to duplicate the small sign that a photograph captured at a garden center. Feel free to explore.

Reminder to self: keep your eyes open for opportunities to celebrate illumination.

And always be willing to explore.

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