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Heavy frost, planting daffodil bulbs, and firing up the wood stove every evening. It’s the season of descending chill and our corresponding thoughts of warmth. One by one the annuals and perennials fall to the freezing temperatures and hauling in wood before darkness falls has replaced the evening routine of picking zucchini and tomatoes.

Even as we dig winter coats out of the closet and drag the last potted plants into the house or garage, we’re planning for spring. One hundred and fifty daffodil bulbs got put into the ground last weekend and once again I marveled at the quality of the bulbs we’d received from Brent and Becky’s. The cold damp of the November earth seeped into our gloves and the knees of jeans as we stuck these bulbs into the ground, but we imagined the warmth of the spring sun and how it would illuminate the daffodils and our hearts in April and May.

Keeping balanced is always our goal, isn’t it? We want to remember that difficulties and the dormancy of winter come and go but warmth and growth do return again.

The frost put a lovely white coating over the landscape yesterday morning.

The fire keeps the house cozy.

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