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You Can Grow That!

March is the month when I begin to plant seeds. The process of getting the seed starting media wet, and hauling it up to my garden shed, takes some effort. I don’t have running water up at the solar-heated shed and the hoses that will provide irrigation later in the growing season are still turned off for the winter.

I will clean out old six packs and plastic trays so I can recycle them for this year’s plants. I’ll fill these with the wet soil mix and sort the seeds according to germination and growing times. Then one by one I’ll put a seed or two in each cell, pat them in, and cover the trays with clear plastic.

Despite all of the work involved, I look forward to this activity every year.

As a garden communicator I’m frequently called upon to advise people how to make their gardening easier. “I want a low-maintenance landscape,” they say. I’m happy to assist them and recognize that not everyone takes pleasure in garden tasks. But for me, gardening is an example of the pleasure that comes from doing more, not less, and I have to say that this philosophy creeps into the rest of my life.

I was planning to write a post today about how gardens give us practice in moving forward to the next level. So I was delighted by a line in Seth Godin’s blog this morning. The title of this piece was “I’m making money, why do more?”

When it comes to your garden, forget the making money part. We garden for many reasons but profit is seldom one of them. Income aside, the line in Seth’s post that resonated said that people do more “Because the choice to do more brings passion to your life and it makes you more alive.”

Bingo. The choice to do more gives life excitement and delight.

I believe that gardens draw us to do more…they help us see the benefits that come from a desire to explore what’s possible. What will happen if….? Why don’t I try….? This gives me an idea…? I’ll see if I can discover…

Forward motion, discovery, and germination: You Can Grow That!  The choice to do more is a choice.

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