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A Gardening Life – March 11

When the animals were made by God,
tigers, squirrels, toads, dogs and cod.

Birds must have been his special passion:
beauty that soars in feathered fashion.

Colorful garb and bodies sleek
from slender legs to useful beak.

From tiny hummers to soaring eagle
chickadees, ducks and raucous seagull.

I imagine when God was almost finished
He noticed the bird parts weren’t quite diminished.

He thought, “My birds are beauty based,
but I’d hate to see these go to waste.”

So extra bird parts, although quite quirky
were stuck together to make the turkey.

And now they wander though my garden
their hesitant steps saying “Beg my pardon.”

They peck at bugs and bathe in dust
and only fly when they really must.

A turkey wanders on my deck
red caruncles along the neck.

A dangling chest feather called the beard
and above the beak, his snood, how weird!

But still this bird has won our hearts,
the quirky Turkey, made of spare parts.

They are curious birds and despite their numbers don't do much damage to the plants. The young ones are said to eat ticks...this and their entertainment factor are reasons to welcome them into the landscape.


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