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Here’s a recipe for growing goodwill and harvesting smiles:


‘Blue Horizon’ Ageratum
Other cutting flowers so you can “season to taste”

Plant annuals and perennials with the aim of sharing the wealth.
Water and fertilize as needed over the growing season.
Pick and share liberally.

It’s a simple recipe, but one that has the power to change lives. Think of all the places where receiving an unexpected, colorful bouquet would make someone’s day, week, or month. Think of how the simple act of sharing home-grown flowers can lift spirits and remind people that they are not forgotten.
Let’s all make it a point to share the bounty from our yards and gardens. Take bouquets to nursing homes, hospice facilities, neighbors, assisted living apartments, hospitals, cancer treatment centers and shelters. Present them to residents, not to the receptionist. Remind individuals that they are important and that someone cares enough to say so with a bouquet of flowers.

Colorful flowers have healing properties. Caring and spirit-lifting? You CAN grow that!


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