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Dear Gardens,
The forecast for Tuesday night says it’s going down in the 20’s, so for many of you this is our last night together. I know that it hasn’t been the easiest of seasons with the cold, wet June and less than adequate rain for the rest of the summer and fall. You tomatoes and eggplant did your best despite cool, August temperatures and the dry soil and our full freezer reflects your efforts. Every time we take the meals you’ve provided and thaw them out for dinner we’ll be thinking of you.

As usual we were not only impressed with your willingness to grow, but we’re also continually moved by your determination to go beyond mere survival to transcend into beauty and abundance. We humans can learn quite a bit from the plant world if we’d just pay attention.

As I walk through the garden today I was blown away by the colorful foliage and flowers you continue to produce. Know that I have treasured your gifts all summer, and will continue to count our collective blessings as we travel together though the dormant season.

See you in the spring,


The roses continue to put out flowers and today, November 11th, I'm especially grateful.

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