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Report From PIA – November 17

Every once in awhile, I’ll go through the photographs in my files, not searching for anything in particular, but just looking to see what’s there. Invariably, I’ll see something that gives me an idea.

Maybe it’s a plant that I don’t know, or have forgotten about, or a clever way to handle something in the garden. It might be an image that is artistically exciting or a scene that’s just plain fun. My problem is that once I come across such inspiration I often move on, and before I know it the ideas the photos have triggered are forgotten.

Most of us have had the experience of having a brainstorm and thinking we’ll remember the idea. Sometime later we’ll ask ourselves, “What was that great thought I had?” but it will be gone. This happens to me all the time.

So I’m resolving to correct these vanishing-inspiration phenomena in two ways. First, I’m entering “check inspiration files” onto my calendar, once a month. When I have an idea and it does get written in my blog, article, proposal or marketing files, this reminder will help me not to loose those thoughts once they’re written down.

Secondly, when the brainstorm comes from a photograph, I’ll post that photo and the idea it inspires here, and today will be the first. I know from experience that the act of writing something down tends to cement it in the brain.

So here’s today’s inspiring photo. What do I love about this picture? The large rocks under the birdfeeder. Anyone who’s fed the birds knows that their pecking, along with digging done by squirrels and chipmunks, renders the area under a feeder completely bare. Even the weeds don’t stand a chance, and that empty, packed dirt is not attractive.

So here’s a reminder to myself: take some of those rocks that I have in abundance on Poison Ivy Acres, and arrange them, attractively, under the feeder.

Yes, it’s possible to change old habits…and it helps to invent a system, or a structure, for making that transformation.

See the arrangement of rocks underneath? Even this determined black birds don't upset this covering. Brilliant!

See the arrangement of rocks underneath? Even these determined black birds don't upset this covering. Brilliant!

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