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Report From PIA – January 7

Today I was looking at photos from the Garden Writers Association trip to Portland, and came across these photos taken at the Chinese Garden there.  I’ve always loved the look of paper tags in a garden; I like how they look, whether they hold prayers and good wishes for the season or not. Would they look as attractive on the arbor at Poison Ivy Acres, I wonder, or is this one of those you-have-to-be-there things?

I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of Asian style gardens on Cape Cod, so what makes me think I could pull off paper prayers or New Year’s couplets? And yet America is the melting pot, and we are known for borrowing from everybody. Our garden designs take a bit from many parts of the globe, and we manage to do pretty well with that approach.

I’m going to work on this paper in the garden thing…

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