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Report From PIA – February 28

I was going through some photos today and came across one taken in Pat Dyke’s garden. On the side of her flower garden she’d placed the chair, pictured below. When I saw her garden for the first time, it made me smile, and the picture continues to delight me today.

Here at Poison Ivy Acres we haven’t done too much to add humor to the garden. In fact, I haven’t ornamented this property much at all…we’ve been too busy getting plants in the ground. Doing something witty in the landscape isn’t always easy, and I’m not sure if it can be planned.

Things that are unexpected, silly or colorful in a garden are often humorous, but I wonder if, in order to be truly amusing, ornaments, plantings or structures need to look as if they happened spontaneously.

I think that garden humor isn’t just about putting a funny sculpture in the garden, but is similar to someone saying something funny in conversation: it’s spur-of-the-moment, reflects an individual’s spirit or comes from the heart.

Pat Dyke's garden ornament reflected her personality.

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