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Report From PIA – July 16

As I walked around the gardens with the camera today, my attention was caught by smaller interactions. I noticed how the variegated foliage of a variegated Persicaria echoes the blue and white of the Forever-and-Ever Peppermint Hydrangea, and the perfect way the red tassel flower (Emilia coccinea ‘Scarlet Magic’) helps the ‘Marguerite’ sweet potato vine and the Ageratum ‘Blue Horizon’ come alive.

I think of the small, spontaneous interactions between strangers that make us laugh with delight, or the little kindnesses that can unexpectedly brighten our day. Some of these can be planned, of course…we might decide to take a bouquet of flowers into a store where we’ve had a good experience, or leave a note designed to make someone else feel good. Other times these moments of satisfaction or amusement come serendipitously, and are all the more enchanting because of the unplanned nature of it all.

Open eyes, minds and hearts lead to better appreciation and cultivation of the colorful human interactions that animate our lives.

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