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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – September 25

I appreciated Seth Godin’s brief blog post today. He wrote, “People are moved by stories and drama and hints and clues and discovery. Logic is a battering ram, one that might work if your case is overwhelming. Wal-Mart won by logic (cheap!), but you probably won’t.”

Seth may have been talking about marketing, but these three sentences are applicable to all manner of interpersonal relations and communications. Does it also, I wonder, apply to gardens?

When it comes to garden design, absolutely. Drama, hints, clues and discovery all contribute to an exciting garden. It’s also possible for a garden to tell a story, non-verbal as it may be. Nature has her own logic, and she has the upper hand, and better Nature than Wal-Mart, don’t you think?

As a garden writer and speaker, it’s easy to understand the importance of bringing stories, drama and discovery to what I do. As a gardener, I need to think about ways these can be better cultivated in the landscape.

This North Carolina garden has it all: drama and hints and clues and discovery.

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