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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 17

I took a group of high school freshmen on a tour of the garden center today. They were in a horticulture class, so we talked about some of the plants, what is going on in the landscape (winter moth are mating) and what it’s like to work in a garden center.

When they left, the instructor thanked me, adding that you never know whether these kids will end up in the field or not. “I was happy to talk to them,” I said. “You never know when you might light a fire.”

Later I thought about this off-the-cuff remark, and realized how true it is in all of our interactions. You don’t have to be speaking to high school freshmen to make an impression or ignite someone’s curiosity or creativity.

What would happen if we all assumed that our every action had the potential to light a fire, or drench it, for others?

The kids were interested in the garden center's windmill. "Can we climb up it?" (Answer: "No, sorry.") The adults were interested in how much power it generated, and how quiet it is. (Very.)

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