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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – November 18

I once heard someone say that God made people because he really loved hearing a good story. This came to mind as I read Mentors In The Garden of Life, by Colleen Plimpton. Colleen will be my guest on GardenLine this weekend, and I’m so pleased that because of this interview this book of garden stories crossed my path.

Colleen is masterful at interweaving tales of people and plants, and how they make the connections that sustain us. For women in general and gardeners in particular, this book will resonate.

The world is filled with stories, from grand and sweeping epics that “span three generations,” as the book covers say, to the very small and fleeting narratives that our gardens reveal every day.

My entry on November 12th began by saying “Every garden tells a story,” and tonight Colleen’s book has reminded me that every life, human and plant, can tell hundreds of tales.

Down by the lake even a small patch of sand tells stories of passing dogs, a high wind that blew the stalk of a plant back and forth, and nearby pine trees.

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