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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – December 10

While going through photos some today, I came across some shots of Carol’s cottage garden. First I remembered how delightful this garden was, and then I thought of a previous post about X-Factor Gardening, and speculations about the qualities impressive gardens have.

This small house and garden has that X-factor. You can tell that the gardener was involved in the process and is interested in a wide variety of plants. As mentioned in the post on the 18th, when a person enjoys something they’ll do it more often. This not only results in a garden filled with a range of plants but in better maintenance as well. One look at Carol’s garden tells you that it is well tended.

Other things that make this garden appealing are the diversity of foliage colors and textures, the repetition of pink flowers, and the sense of place that the sailboat shutters provide. Finally, the contrast between the manicured plants (the topiary, boxwood hedge and upright yews around the flagpole) and the less-structured selections (hollyhocks, roses and the vines on the latticework) provides a nice balance.

What comes through loud and clear is this gardener’s interest in, and passion for, her plants. This passion and the creation of something that others respond to isn’t unique to gardening of course. When we plant with passion in other areas of life that excitement shines through.

This yard and garden isn't large, but it reminds me of big ideas.

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