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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 4

It is the flower show season. I’m off to Chicago to their Flower and Garden Show and I can hardly wait. March 16 – 20th is the Boston Flower Show, and I’ll be there too. Here’s what I love about these early-spring events:

  • They are all about anticipating the growing season. We’re all hungry for plants, flowers and growth at this time of year and flower shows feed our desire and reaffirm the importance of plants in our lives.
  • Flower shows celebrate creativity. The people who put together the exhibits are artists, and it’s so enjoyable to see what they produce.
  • The displays that you see at a flower show aren’t, admittedly, about reality. They are for sparking inspiration and the thirst for knowledge about plants. An occasional specimen used in a display might also trigger a serious case of plant lust…not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Visiting a spring flower show is an enjoyable, life-affirming day out.

What could be better, and what are you waiting for?

In the Boston Flower Show of 2010 Paul Miskovsky's display was breathtaking. He's a master of putting foliage and flowers together...notice the tulip roof.

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