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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 27

I was looking at a gardening book on Amazon today and as usual, they had other suggestions for me in the “Home, Garden & Pets” category. Among the other gardening items was this dress.

Yes, it's a Hell Bunny Strapless Party/Prom dress, goth size small. (What is "goth size" anyway?)

Hmmmm… was this included because it is the latest in gardening garb, or did the “Bunny” part of it’s name land it automatically in the Pet grouping?  I was intrigued that this might soon be de rigueur apparel for working outdoors, so I googled “gardening clothes”.

This brought up the following suggestion from listed under “women’s gardening clothes.” Yikes.

Perfect for planting and weeding?

Searching further, I came up with Girlie Gardening and these boots, which I am certainly more likely to wear than the previous selections. If I’m being honest, however, I have to admit that I’ve aged out of the “Girlie” category at this point in my life so I’ll probably have to pass on this footgear as well.


My last click took me to Duluth Trading and a summer weight utility vest. Now we’re talking textiles. I would absolutely wear this in the garden.

I would wear this and appreciate the four front pockets for holding my pruners, seed packets and gloves.

I wish I had the age, personality and body that was appropriate for wearing a Hell Bunny dress in the garden. To those of you who do I say, “Brava!” But as I planted my peas today, in cold New England temperatures, I wasn’t colorful, sexy, or fashionable. I did, however, have pockets for the packages of lettuce and pea seeds, and I was warm.

Sometimes in life we are called to applaud the dramatic and daring while personally adopting the practical.


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