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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – March 30

As I was putting photos up on the garden center’s website today I realized that lately I haven’t written enough about the importance of having fun with plants. The photos of those who participated in the terrarium workshop reminded me of how significant an enjoyable project like this can be.

We’re entering into the growing season outdoors, so most of us are turning our attention away from indoor plantings. But we’re well served to remember how rejuvenating it is to plant something just for fun.

I’m planning on installing a Fairy Garden this year. And since we’ll be hosting Jesse and Maya’s wedding on Poison Ivy Acres later in the fall, I’m going to go all out with flowers that are lilac, mauve and purple, since those are the colors that the bride favors.

The vegetables will be wonderful, and the shrubs and perennials beautiful, but the plantings that are done for whimsy and creativity will restore our humor and spirits.

You can make a terrarium in many styles of glass containers.

And you can include ornaments, mosses and those small plants that make you happy.


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