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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – June 6

In preparation for a attending the annual croning ceremony held by the WomanSpirit group at church, I made some flower crowns. Every year we crown those who are being honored with a wreath of flowers. Over the years I’ve done this for other occasions, and it’s a delightful way to share flowers from the garden and to demonstrate that someone is important to you.

Like planting a garden, there is no one right way to create a flower crown. This is the way I do it:

Photo 1: Pick flowers and herbs that are in bloom in your garden, cutting them with stems that are about three inches long.

I use two different ribbons, one sheer and one a wired grosgrain. Cut two pieces of the sheer ribbon that are each four feet long and one piece of the grosgrain the same length. Put them together and knot them about six inches from the ends.

Photo 2: Use a piece of wire to hold the ribbons on a chair spoke, door knob or table leg…anything you can pull against a little bit.

Start braiding the ribbon, first right over the center, then left. Begin by holding a flower or leaf on top of the ribbon you’re going to move into place over the center ribbon, and pretend that the stem of that flower is part of the ribbon it’s on top of. Hold another flower on top of the next ribbon you are taking over the center, again, treating the stem as one with the ribbon.

Photo 3: Next just braid the ribbons two times with no more flowers, then add in a flower when you braid the next two. Continue adding two flowers and then braiding twice without flowers. The stems get included into the braid for a few passes and these hold the flowers in place.

Alternate which flowers you add in, and continue until the garland is about 18 to 22 inches long for an adult crown. Knot all three ribbons together at the end.

Photo 4: Turn the braid flower side down and snip off any ends that are sticking out and might be prickly.

Photo 5: Join the ends together and knot two of the ribbons around the opposite end to make the circle.  Clip the ends of the ribbons so they are of similar length.

Flowers, friends and circles go together. Who do you know who might smile at receiving a garland of flowers?

The flowers I picked tonight were oxeye daisies, bleeding heart, Persicaria polymorpha, lady's mantle, Valeriana officinalis, Geranium cantibrigensis, and mint or sage leaves.

Tie a knot in the three ribbons and then use a thin wire to attach them to something you can pull against as you braid.

Add flowers into the braid, holding them on top of the ribbons and including the stems in the braid along with the ribbon,

After knotting the ends of the ribbons, turn the garland over and sip off any stems that are sticking out.

Join the ends together and use two of the sheer ribbons to tie the garland into a circle.

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