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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – June 14

I was pleased to visit Helen’s delightful garden today. We spoke about the pleasure of seeing other gardeners’ landscapes, and how what comes through is the enjoyment that they take in their gardens. No matter what plants are used or which style chosen, when you visit a landscape that is “gardened by heart”, the joy shines through.

One of the places where people are choosing to express their creativity and delight is by making fairy gardens. Helen has made a fairy garden that from the perspective of the house and deck looks like a collection of miniature Hosta and dwarf conifers. Viewed from another angle, however, this low garden is reveled as a place where fairies frolic.

Helen has created this space for fun and it doesn’t have to please anyone but her. Others may not want to plant fairy gardens, but they’d be well advised to take a similar approach. Garden for love: use plants you like in the way that pleases you most. Have a place where you can feel like a kid again: plant something just for the fun of it. Cultivate things that are fulfilling and those that are funny.

Garden and live by heart.

Helen's fairy garden... where the Nature Spirits seem quite at home.

"Come on," this Flower Fairy seems to say. "Jump on in!"

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