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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – July 21

The Fairy Gardening Festival is this weekend at Country Garden and I spent the day creating a walk through display. Such gardens are fun to create because you don’t have to consider the normal constraints of spacing or exposure…when creating a fantasy garden the designer is free to mix sun and shade plants or pack them together at will.

As part of this festival there will be a Fairy House Hunt with at least ten houses hidden around the property. A page of clues will be provided so those inclined can look for the miniature dwellings. “Where will those ten houses come from?” we wondered. Then we decided to ask the employees to create a fairy house. “Will at least eight or ten people be willing to make one?” was the next question.

This afternoon there were at least 15 houses in the office, and more keep coming in. Some employees have made two or three. I’ll post photos in the days to come, but there are a number of styles and clever use of materials. Today, one employee said to me, “I hope this event is a success because I want to do this again next year.”

Adults need more reasons to play, and be creative just for fun.

I made this house on stilts...

and placed this one in a tree.

The display also contains several fantasy figures and doors.

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