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Report From An Opinionated Gardener – August 2

Last night the setting sun cast a pink glow over the landscape, so I ran outside with my camera. A few of the photos I took proved to be nice although none captured the magic of being in the garden in that rosy light. Since it was dusk and I was using a small, hand held camera, many more of the photos were out of focus.

While reviewing and deleting most of those blurry shots this morning, I realized that a couple of them were pleasing even though they weren’t crisp and clear. In fact, it was the fact that they weren’t in focus that made them more appealing. Deciding to run with the impressionist painting look that they already had, I applied the dry brush filter in Photoshop.

Sometimes it works to start with what is, and use what initially seems to be a problem.

I'm going to print this out on textured, water color paper to enhance the painted look.

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