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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – December 29

I was going through some photos to post on Pinterest and came across this picture of a Poinsettia. Five or six years ago the garden center carried blue and purple Poinsettias…all spray painted. I loved them.

Yes, I who frequently bad mouth fake-looking things such as mulch that’s died orange do indeed love these poinsettias. First of all these were well painted. They weren’t just sprayed with one color but with flakes of copper, blue and various hues blended in. They were artistically done. Secondly, I appreciate the fact that someone has taken a traditional holiday object/plant and is willing to make changes to shake things up.

Why doesn’t someone invent a spray paint for browned Hydrangea flowers?

The plant lasted as long as most Poinsettias...until Easter, actually, so this color was perfect then as well!

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