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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – January 7

I love combining visual elements. Inside and outdoors, I enjoy putting items together in unexpected ways. In the old days I worked on paper creating photo-generated collage…now it’s all 3-D.

In preparation for the growing season I’m considering how to create more areas to play outside in the gardens. The problem is I’m picky…I hate too many small ornaments and a landscape where too many objects compete. Poison Ivy Acres is a challenge too because it’s sloped, long, and thin. It’s difficult to create different rooms that stand alone when you can clearly see from one area to the next.

But that’s not to say it can’t be done. In the meantime, I’m reminding myself of the pleasure of combining the dissimilar shapes and colors of a variety of objects to create a visual experience. Winter is a good time to build up a creative head of steam for spring.

Artwork from "the old days."

The front room, where outdoor furniture mixes with plants and an oriental rug.

I took this cabinet from Pier One, raised it on a wood box and applied maps, trim, paint and new knobs. This was a fun winter project several years ago.

A hall table that was created with an upside down wire trash "burning bin" and a marble table top. the display here changes frequently.

I thought that this dish, the glass octopus and my beach glass/shards worked well together.

This was the front porch collection last summer.

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