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Garden Reports – Special Report – January 10

All but one of these are true…

1. Get out of your rut. If you’re thinking that it’s all “the same old same old,” you need a new attitude. Get out now, while you have the time! Soon it will be spring, and you’ll be back in the same boring groove…unless you take the time to shake things up when you can.

2. Find out what your choice of grass seed really means. Yes, the genetic composition of the turf you use is a factor in determining what diseases may develop. On Wednesday Feb 1, Joe Rimelspach
 explains how your selection of lawn grasses influences what maintenance you’ll do, or which headaches you may have.

3. Check out some new plants. Let’s face facts: we all come to rely on the palette of plants that’s in our heads. That’s fine as far as it goes, but there are new selections out there that are great performers. And how will you respond when your customer says, “I’ve read about this new annual…” unless you’ve kept yourself up to speed?

4. Talk face to face. You’ve dealt with your vendors and suppliers over the phone, by fax and through email for far too long. See what these people actually look like! Shake their hands, look in their eyes, and build a deeper connection. Who knows where this could lead?

5. Be Inspired. Whether your business involves rockwork or not, stone artist Lew French will stimulate your creative juices. Lew builds paths, walls, and buildings that showcase the natural characteristics of individual stones while at the same time creating artistic structures that are more than the sum of their parts. Hear him and see his work on Thursday, Feb 2 at 11 AM.

6. See if it can be done! Find out if hortaholic Tony Avent, 
Owner of
 Plant Delights Nursery
in Raleigh, NC, can really choose a mere 100 favorite perennial plants. His challenge is your gain: learn about more color, longer seasonal interest and improved plant selections for yourself and your customers.

7. Go organic. Whole Foods has known it for years: people want to buy organic. Learn about new products that will organically grow beautiful landscapes and your business.

8. Weed out problems. On Friday Feb 3rd, Randall G. Prostak will help you to discover simple weed management strategies. How often can you get help from a Weed Specialist? Take advantage.

9. Connect locally. You’ll probably see people you know. In fact, you’ll most likely bump into folks from the town where you work that you haven’t seen in months. “Wait…I have to go to Boston to connect with these guys?” Apparently you do.

10. It won’t snow. OK, OK…nine out of ten isn’t bad. There are no guarantees when it comes to weather. Still, when have you ever let some measly snowflakes get in your way of a great time?

All that and more…see you there. (hint: the colored text means you can click here and get to the NEGrows website.)

If you see me there, be sure to say Hi!

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