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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 8

Every once in awhile I open a folder on my desktop that is labeled “core beliefs/values.” I don’t know about you, but I find that it’s easy to lose track of such convictions when dealing with everyday life. Sometimes I think that it would be good to open this folder, and read it, every morning.

I have twelve things listed in this file and find that every time I open it something jumps out. Today it was this: There’s information and inspiration everywhere.

This is an empowering thought for the garden and beyond. Going into the landscape with this in mind keeps us alert for all opportunities, from plant location to problem solving. And garden design? Just keep your eyes and mind open…ideas and creativity will make themselves at home.

It’s good to be reminded that knowledge and insight abound. We can all go through life without really seeing what’s around us, and what those surroundings offer. Maybe we should all have Bill Watterson’s book title tattooed someplace on our bodies: There’s Treasure Everywhere.

When I was in California last week we ate at a small cafe where these buoys were hung on the wall. They were appropriate decor because the cafe was only a few feet from the ocean. But beyond the sense of place they provided, I was reminded of the power of color and the effectiveness of a collection of similar objects. This is good design information: make large groups that have something in common and use things that are regionally appropriate. It also prompts us to think, "What collections do I have right now, and how can these objects be grouped in my garden to create something that's fun?"

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