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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 17

I have a tiny herb garden next to the house. It only gets sun for half of the day, which isn’t ideal, but there is a reason I chose to plant the herbs in this spot. It’s right outside the kitchen door. When I cook, I want fresh herbs close by. Thankfully the plants do well enough and combined with the pots of bay, rosemary and basil, I have enough material sot that I don’t have to walk up to the vegetable garden unless I’m making pesto.

I’m thinking that there’s an opportunity here. Someone should create raised boxes or pot racks designed to hold pots of herbs and be placed just outside the kitchen door. Sometimes convenience is important. It also can be visually pleasing, perhaps because it’s so appropriate. Herbs near the door speak of fresh food and care taken to prepare it. They speak of fragrance, taste and love. Who wouldn’t want these just outside the door?

Sometimes plants are more than plants. Sometimes they are visual reminders of sustenance, pleasure and attention to all that is life-affirming. Fragrance, taste and love, just outside your kitchen door.

Herbs on a rack outside an inn in California. I don't know about you, but when I see something like this I think, "This is a place I'd like to stay!"

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