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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – February 28

According to Wikipedia the first stumpery was designed by Edward William Cooke for an estate in Staffordshire in 1856. The Victorians ran with it from there and I think they were on to something. I love moss and fallen or uprooted trees. Nature puts these together in magical ways and it’s no wonder that gardeners want some.

I know I do. The problem, of course, is in trying to do what Nature does best. Fitting it into the landscape so that it not only looks natural, but even better than natural. I’m not sure I’m up to the job.

At the end of February, however, when we’re still a month away from spring, it’s the dreaming and planning that keeps most gardeners afloat. As we go into March, I find myself imagining ways to create a stumpery…

Know anyone who’s done it well?

Nature created this one on local conservation land. I'm jealous.

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