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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 19

My husband was on Long Island this morning and spotted what can only be described as a veggie-mobile. Knowing I would love it, he took pictures. The photos alone are enough, of course, but as usual they stimulate other thoughts.

First we must appreciate the creativity required to turn a normal, boring vehicle into a rolling advertisement for vegetables. Good for you and well done, we say.

Secondly, it starts us wondering why we’re satisfied to travel in the dull transportation most of us settle for. Why am I content with a silver, anonymous station wagon when I could be behind the wheel of a vehicle with asparagus bumpers?

And finally, we have to consider the message itself, and question if we’re doing enough to drive our passions home. I’m vehement about the importance of fresh, homegrown vegetables but in my day-to-day life am I conveying that adequately? Could I be using humor or a twist on commonplace objects more effectively to spread the word?

I'll never be content with a normal bumper again...

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