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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – March 21

I’ve featured my bamboo cloches in this blog before so you know how much I love them. Imagine how upset I was when one blew away last week after a night of very strong winds. Despite the weights and ties, one basket broke free and disappeared. I looked in the lot next door, on my neighbors’ property, and the area between our house and the lake. I found nothing.

We’ve all experienced how something lost will suddenly turn up when you’re no longer looking, right? Well that’s what happened for me today. I was all dressed up for my speaking gig at in Hingham, MA, when I took the dog out early this morning. I needed to be sure he was well walked before I left for the morning, so I was paying more attention to the canine than I was to my surroundings.

That’s when I saw my basket. It was in the lake, about seven feet from shore, upside down. I looked down at my speaking attire and thought, “It can’t go far…” so I left it where it was.

When I returned to Poison Ivy Acres after my talk I once again returned to the lakeshore. This time I took off my shoes, pulled up my pants and waded in. The water is still freezing, but I was able to walk out into the lake and rescue my bamboo cloche.

Five paragraphs into this post I finally get to the point and bring all of this back to the garden. (Thanks for sticking with me.)  At this time of year the landscape is all about renewal and those of us who love plants and gardens feel absolutely, totally saved. A couple of warm days in March pluck us out of our winter funks as surely as I pulled that cloche from the shores of Lawrence Pond.

Do we stop to appreciate this season enough for the sense of liberation we feel? Maybe not. Let’s all unite in our thanks for the yearly cycles of renewal and the return of growth.

Although I had my camera with me at 7 AM, I wasn't prepared to fish this cloche out of the water.

The dog loved the rescue of the cloche later in the day. Not only was I willing to throw the stick into the icy water for him to retrieve, but I went into the water too! A spring celebration!

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