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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – April 25

It might seem like what is blooming in the garden in late-April is nothing compared with the summer to come. Those who love to cut flowers and bring them indoors might already be dreaming of zinnias and dahlias, and planning to plant a cutting garden. Fair enough, but cut flower lovers don’t have to wait.

I spent the day with florist Barbara Chinsky Cohen, working on a book proposal. We raided Poison Ivy Acres for things to cut and arrange, and came up with a wealth of material. Once you start looking, the spring landscape is filled with arrangement opportunities.

Isn’t this also true of life? Once you start looking, there’s treasure everywhere.

We staged materials on the kitchen table.

The bucket of Daphne 'Summer Ice", Korean Spice Viburnum and 'Otto Luyken' cherry laurel almost needed no arranging...but Barbara did improve on this storage bucket and made something WONDERFUL.

'Cameo' quince is a must-have for the spring landscape, and now I know it's a must-use for indoor arrangements.

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