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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – May 19

I planted my cans with moss, but you could use low Sedum or assorted succulents if they are going to be placed in full sun.

Like most such displays, having five or seven makes a better show.

Fill the cans one third full of rocks. This is to hold them in place so that they won't be top heavy. Since some moisture is inevitable in the cans, put in a Mosquito Dunk as well. Mosquito Dunks are a special form of Bt that kills mosquito larvae.

Next nestle an upside down tall plastic or glass container into the rocks. This will be a support for the smaller pot you're going to use for planting. It will support the plant pot and keep it from falling into the can.

Find small pots or recycled plastic containers that fit into the opening of the cans. If you use plastic cartons, poke drainage holes into the bottom before filling with soil. Use soil appropriate for the plants you're installing. Potting soil for small annuals, cacti mix for succulents, and garden dirt for moss.

Since my cans are going in a shady corner, I decided to use moss. My hope is that it will grow over the rim of the small plastic pots and containers I've used and soften the opening of the cans.

I created these for dog barriers…but they could be grouped as garden ornaments, hose guides, edging or…

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