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Garden Reports and Rejoicing – August 10

Yesterday I was at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Viewing beautiful gardens that combine great plants in an attractive way is always a treat, of course. This particular botanical garden is especially enjoyable for several reasons. First of all, those who have designed and installed the gardens worked so well with the beauty of the native landscape. It’s clear that the property itself…the existing plants and the lay of the land…was given a “voice” in the design of the gardens.

Secondly, there were so many examples of creativity that it is practically impossible to come away from a visit without feeling inspired. And I think that I can say this even for visitors who aren’t plant people. As we walked through the Children’s Garden, for example, we were just behind a family with two young boys. As the kids scampered into the garden the mother said to her husband, “Look at this, honey. We could do something like this by our patio.”

Whenever we go into new environments where people have used imagination and resourcefulness it’s difficult not to be motivated. Go up to Maine and see this garden. I think you’ll be inspired to come home, listen to your own landscape, and create something wonderful.

This area was in the Five Senses Garden. As soon as we saw this my husband and I said, "Let's do something will all those round beach rocks we have."

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