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The path that runs through the entry garden is winding and several Calamintha ‘White Cloud’ spill over the flagstones. When the hose is pulled along the path to water selected garden plants or containers, it usually ends up smashing the Calamintha. I’ve put up with this for four years but this summer it was clearly time for hose guides.

Since I love terracotta flowerpots, I decided to form my guides from these. In my crafts stash I also had small terracotta watering cans, which I glued on top of the pots as a finial. Perfect, right? Not so much.

Wide board stakes were pounded into the ground to hold the pots so shifting wasn’t a difficulty. Unfortunately the shape is problematic. Since the pots are wider at the bottom and slender at the top they allow the hose to ride right up the side and over into the Calamintha. If they were narrow at the bottom and wide at the top they wouldn’t be as attractive but they sure would function better!

I’ve left this good but ineffectual hose guide system in place for this summer…they are cute, after all. But next year I’ll use these pots for cane toppers and rethink the good looking hose guide problem.

When we set out to solve problems it’s inevitable that some of our solutions won’t work. But if we don’t start down that winding path (with or without hose guides) we’ll never know if our ideas will bear fruit or not. Think you can resolve a problem? Try it.

This will make a very nice topper for a group of rebar supports, don't you think?

PS: Apologies to regular readers that there is a password protected post before this one. I’m using this blog as a way to post photos for a book proposal I’m working on and I needed a way for the people I’m pitching to to easily see the photos without setting the images free into internet land. It’s another path I’m walking down without knowing where it will lead.

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