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I visited a friend’s garden the other day and admired her tomatoes. They were Indigo Rose, a variety bred by Jim Myers at Oregon State University. I took one home since I was so impressed with how lovely the fruit is. My review: love the color, but not the taste.

I’d love to use this tomato ornamentally, however. As I looked at my Brugmansia this morning I imagined how great it would be to place this pot in the garden surrounded by a bunch of Indigo Rose. Maybe next year Annual Alley should be done in black and white…

Playing with color is one of the joys of gardening.

This poor plant had been in a tiny pot for the past five years. Finally Dan took pity on it and transplanted it into a large pot with composted manure mixed into the soil. It has responded with dozens of flowers.

Here are my friend's tomatoes - stunning, aren't they?

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