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Regular and sporadic readers of this blog know that back in the fall of 2011 I proposed that this phrase would be useful for the promotion of plants and gardening. Since I think that horticulture and the gardening enhances just about every aspect of life, my goal is always to share that message with the world.

It seemed for a time that this phrase was suddenly yanked away from the collective of people who were on board with this promotion. It was in the process of being trademarked for the use of promoting one company’s products. But I’m pleased to say that we’re back on track and we can indeed grow this.

Recently the Director of Public Relations for ScottsMiracle-Gro contacted me to let me know that this company is going to let their application of the trademarking of this phrase expire. They will not pursue their application through to registration and if I, or a YCGT non-profit group would like to file for the trademark of this phrase we will be able to do so.

I attribute some of their willingness to the attention focused on this issue by Amy Stewart at Garden Rant. Her combination of wit and scrutiny were, to my mind, important in bringing this issue into the light. In her blog post a fictional employee named Louise Baker wrote to say that SMG was going to back off of this mark. Today I’m pleased to say that ScottsMiracle-Gro has done just that.

My goal in all of this was and remains the promotion of plants and gardening. Whatever my personal displeasure with some of Scotts products and past actions, I am hopeful that this decision means that there are truly some “Louise Bakers” within their organization that want the same.

A new YCGT website is coming shortly. Gardening Coast to Coast? We Can Grow That! If you’re passionate about plants speak up and share the excitement.

It is the dawn of a new era for gardening...

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