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Or if not actually grow it, you can add it to what you’ve grown.

I move one birdbath from the garden up to my covered porch every winter so that it won't crack. In December I like to make a fresh arrangement birdbath topper, and today was my day to do this. I cut greens from the Green Giant Arborvitae, Hollywood Juniper, Dorothy Wycoff Pieris, Variegated boxwood, Vanderwolf pine, Otto Luyken cherry laurel, holly, and stems from the Ivory Halo dogwood. At the last minute I also cut some dark gray seedpods from the hardy Hibiscus stems.

I started with the arborvitae since I have a lot of it. Take the name "Green Giant" seriously. Then I added in the other greens into the wet Oasis blocks.

After I got all the greens in I added the red twig dogwood stems. The arrangement was pretty just as it was, but I thought that it needed something more. Pinecones? Feathers? A bird's nest? Shells? Been there, done that.

Finally I hit upon what was missing: humor. This arrangement was just too damn serious. I went into the house and grabbed this gnome that was given to me by Maryann, one of women in a recent gardening class I led. Gnomes became somewhat of a joke among those in attendance and she presented this one to me later in the summer when she visited my garden. It made me smile then and it did again today.

Humor can always be cultivated.




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