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Here’s the thing:
It soon will be spring.
There’ll be so much to do
You’ll won’t try something new.

But February 8, 7 & 6
You can learn some new tricks
to jumpstart your biz,
and your thinking, that is.

There’s a full day of detail
for those who sell retail.
Or learn shrubs, trees, and bugs
and invasive plant thugs.

Hear Cass Turnbull, a master
at fixing pruning disasters,
and it’s always good times
When the speaker’s Dan Heims.

On the busy trade floor
see plants and products galore
to help with your scheme
for increased income stream.

Learn tips for design
with social media align,
network and link,
keep your business in sync.

So shake off the cold,
ruts and habits of old.
So what if it snows?
Be where New England Grows.



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