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You can grow that!

For too many years we’ve fallen back on the same old same old for shade: Impatiens. The arrival of Impatiens downy mildew has pulled us out of our comfortable ruts and forced gardeners, homeowners and landscapers to try something new. On this Fourth of July gardeners can declare their independence from hum-drum swaths of those reliable but aren’t-we-bored-with-them-yet? annuals.

In addition to Begonias, coleus, Torenia, purple Oxalis, and sweet potato vine, those who garden in the shade just might want to shake things up.  Literally move up from the ground for their plantings. Raise a pot or two up on a plant stand. Repurpose old garden furniture or tools by adding a pot filled with shade loving plants. In other words, have fun with it.

We may be forced out of our normal routines kicking and screaming, but once we’re viewing things from a new perspective it’s time to use the situation creatively. Four words to remember on the Fourth of July: You Can Grow That!

This metal garden bench is perfect for displaying three pots of flowers and foliage. Since the tree roots in this area are quite thick getting perennials established here will take time. The bench and pots provide interest and color that detracts from the mulch.

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