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An iPhone camera celebration of fall.

I took The Dog on a walk down Stowe Road this afternoon and was delighted by all that a beautiful October day brings.

I know that grape vines can overwhelm and even kill trees, but at this time of year as they yellow I have to love them. Nature's jewelry, stylishly draped and mingling with the red Virginia creeper.

A wild cherry was spectacular with colored leaves and black stems against an amazingly blue sky.

The white pines were dropping their older needles all along the road. Those still on the trees glowed in the sunshine, contrasting with the lovely fine texture of the green needles. At this time of year this plant is all about moisture conservation in the winter to come; it drops the old needles so that there are fewer to maintain (and lose moisture) in the cold season to come.

The winterberry holly is almost invisible all summer, quietly growing on the side of the road and blending in with all the other shrubs and trees. At this time of year it breaks out of the crowd: ta da! Red berries.

Back from the walk and the appreciation of the wild, roadside plants, I also treasure my domesticated landscape. Dendranthema 'Cambodian Queen' is in full flower in front of the still spectacular Cityline Rio Hydrangea. Yum.

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